Career in Risk Measure?

The Risk Measure team collectively offers many years of experience within cyber security and Governance, Risk & Compliance.

We are providing our clients with enhanced cyber risk insights for informed decision-making.

By adopting a quantitative approach to cyber risk, we aim to achieve just that. Our industry experience reveals that quantifying risks gives organisations a clearer and more comprehensive understanding, offering tangible guidance for improvements.

Join us in embracing this quantitative shift, bringing measurable value and heightened security to your organisation.

Mitigate what matters in cyber.


Risk Measure has a mission to foster a culture that embodies exceptional service to our clients, inspire our employees to reach their full potential, and make a positive impact on our community.
By prioritising these values, we aim to create a company culture that is fulfilling and rewarding for our employees and beneficial for our clients.

Integrity & Transparent Leadership

We believe in a culture built on honesty and trust, leading by example and building strong relationships with our employees and clients through integrity, transparent communication, and accountability.

Building Trust, Fostering Respect

We aim to build strong relationships with employees and clients through open communication and accountability. We believe that by being honest and trustworthy, we can create a culture and collaboration based on respect and mutual support and collaboration, where everyone feels valued and respected.

Diversity, Innovation, and Success

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone can succeed and grow. We encourage our employees to be innovative and creative, and we celebrate their achievements and contributions to our company’s success.

Excellence, Service, and Innovation

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate.

The team

Discover the professionals behind Risk Measure, each contributing unique expertise and passion. Our team is our greatest asset, embodying our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaborative growth. They are not just skilled individuals but a unified force, driving our success and dedication to our clients.

Meet the heart and soul of Risk Measure:

Erik Sørup Andersen

Chief Executive Officer

Jesper Sobol

Chief Operational Officer

Jens Thonke

Chairman of Board

Ann Juul

Chief Marketing Officer

Caroline Rugaard

Client Engagement

Christian Dønning

Client Engagement

Gaffri Johnson

Risk Advisor

Susanne Møller-Hansen

Risk Advisor

Jacopo Baffigo

Risk Advisor

Maj Britt Arberg

Risk Advisor

Frederik Kragh Cristensen

Risk Advisor

Jens Bo Friis

Risk Advisor

Christian H. Riis

Risk Advisor

Lars Holm Sørensen

Risk Advisor


If you are interested in learning more about Risk Measure ApS and our services, feel free to contact us.